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Support for Equestrians in Recovery

FRS Just Like Heaven AKA Heart. Our equine therapist working on dressage.

Recovery is hard. Having a support system in all facets of your life is important. Sober Eventer is that support system for equestrian events. Anywhere you see someone wearing Sober Eventer gear, know that person is a safe haven and approachable. Want to know more? Come on in!

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My name is Miranda. I am in recovery. Anyone who has been around the horse world knows that they are going to come across alcohol at some point. I want to be an create a lifeline for fellow recovering equestrians. The hardest part of recovery is feeling alone in regular life settings. I want to create a well known persona that people will feel comfortable approaching at shows and events. This is for people in recovery, as well as people who support those in recovery! Join me in the movement! #IamSoberEventer #SoberEventerSafe

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August 9-11 Feather Creek Recognized Horse Trial

Norman, OK



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For anyone that is in, has been in, or knows someone in recovery, what is the scariest thing you can think of? For me, it was navigating my previously alcohol soaked world in sobriety. I was the Irish party girl. Always ready to crack open a cold one and have fun. The horse world can be notoriously boozy, and while that's fine for some, there is little open talk about those of us that don't partake. I'm here to change that. I want to be available for anyone to come say hi, navigate sobriety on